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Stone Flower

Reference #nd427-10
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We are glad to present you an absolutely new and adorable nesting doll.

This beautiful doll illustrates scenes from the famous Russian fairytales Stone Flower and The Master of the Mountain.

These fairytales are from the Pavel Bazhov's fairytale collection of interlinking stories about fantastic occurrence among the stoneworkers of the Ural Mountains entitled, "The Malachite Casket - Tales from the Urals". Danila, a stonecutter too weak for heavy work is taken under the wing of the old craftsman, who teaches him the finer arts of carving. Hearing of the mystical Stone Flower, he goes to the sinister Snake Mountain after being instructed to do so in a vision. There he finds a piece of malachite out of which he attempts to make a cup. However, the cup looks more and more like a flower, he becomes obsessed and ill, and his fianc?e Katya becomes increasingly unhappy. Setting out again for Snake Mountain he sees the Mistress in a fantastic garden of precious stone. She tells him that if he sees the stone Flower he will want to stay forever no the mountain. He returns home and smashes the cup. The Master of the Mountains continues the story with Katya having wait three years for Danila to return. She herself takes up stone carving under the old man, and when he dies she ventures to Snake Mountain, where she finds a piece of malachite which launches her on a successful career. When she goes back to look for some more she finds herself in a vision at the top of a tall tree, and, returning to her hut, she feels Danila is with her. The next time she is on Snake Mountain she encounters the Mistress in a stone forest. Danila is brought to her and asked to choose between the two women on the understanding that if he chooses Katya he will forget all he learned. He chooses Katya.

  • There are 10 figures of amazing dolls in the nest.
  • The doll is signed by the Russian artist I.Leonova.
In work the artist used tempera with egg emulsion and fine polecat brushes. Very rich and bright paints including gold ("patal") are used. All the drawings of this item are made by the real artist so delicate and subtle, that as a whole the doll is just breathtaking! Everything is shining and sparkling.

Egg-tempera paint is the primary medium used to paint the composition on this box. The palette is full of colors that are bright and vibrant. All aspects of the scene are intricately detailed with fine lines created with precise brushwork. Gold and aluminum paints are also used to add even more detail. There is a great sense of balance and linear flow in these compositions.

  • It is 4 3/4 inches in diameter at his widest, just above her elaborately carved base.
  • The tallest one is 11 1/2 inches, the smallest - 1/2 inches.

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