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I received the answer and compensation for bought roly poly a doll. Thank you.

June 06, 2013Ludmila Komar

I am very strongly disappointed! The doll differs from the photo exposed on your site! The doll was painted by other artist (Germanova), and you have on your site a doll photo, painted artist Abrosimova. If you changed the artist, expose photos of his dolls and don't deceive people! I don't want this doll. On my request to return money I didn't receive the answer. No communication! I will never buy on this site!

May 30, 2013Ludmila Komar

My dream come true would be to visit your factory to see the beauty of all your products displayed!

October 26, 2009Lois Fayles

this stuff is great!!!

September 27, 2008joe

I was lucky enough to win a Russian mask that is hanging in a place of honour. I am delighted I found your website. I just purchased a beautiful necklace and earings. I will continue to check your website for gifts.

April 14, 2008Adele

You have a great site to purchase quality and rare items.

January 22, 2008Kelly Wiebe

Hi, I just had to complement you. I just received the doll and it is the most beautifully done nesting doll I have ever seen. Your artists are first rate and very talented. Thank you so much and I'm sure I will be bidding on your auctions again. Have a Happy and Successful New Year

January 04, 2008Jane Brothers

EXCEPTIONAL! Thank you so much for your assitance.

October 07, 2007Brian Doupe

fantastic site, i love it

November 01, 2006iyav

Going on my fifth year of shopping with your wonderful company and I have gotten only fantastic service and quality products. Thank you for giving all of us a reliable and inexpensive way to purchase Russian goods.

December 22, 2005Lysa Cappella

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