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Golden Cockerel

Reference #nd064-5
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We are glad to present you the Russian Nesting Dolls -  The Tale of the Golden Cockerel. There are 5 similar dolls with fragments of the popular Russian Tale of the Golden Cockerel. The tallest one is 6", the smallest - 1 1/4".Worried about border incursions by his neighbors Tsar Dadon seeks a foolproof means of defending his kingdom. His needs apparently answered by an astrologer who gives him a golden cockerel which will crow each time there is an enemy approach. Delighted Dadon offers the astrologer whatever he wants, but the latter declines to name his reward for the time being. In the tale the cockerel crows three times: the first time the tsar sends his elder son at the head of a mighty army, but neither son nor his army return; the second time he sends his younger son, and the same thing happens; the third time he goes himself. At the furthest reaches of his kingdom Dadon comes across a huge battlefield strewn with bodies, all of his men including those of his sons. Grief-stricken, he runs into a nearby tent, only to find an astonishingly beautiful and seductive woman there - the Queen of Shemakha. Immediately he falls n love with her, and takes her back to the court as his bride. However, before he reaches the palace the astrologer appears and claims his reward - the Queen. Furious, the Tsar cuts off his head and the cockerel thereupon flies down from the steeple perch and pecks Dadon to death. The Queen meanwhile vanishes into thin air. (Dadon listening to the cockerel, the encounter of Tsar and Queen, presentation of the cockerel, final confrontation of Tsar and astrologer)

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