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Cat Blue w/ goden chain by Yu. Belov

Reference #9353
Cat Blue w/ goden chain by Yu. Belov thumbnailMore pictures
Hand painted round birch wood lacquer box. Each box is hand made from the trunk of a birch tree that has been aged for at least two years to insure that the wood will not crack. Hand turned on a lathe, it is then sanded smooth and several under coats of paints are applied. The final painting of the design can take several days to complete. The smaller details are painted under a magnifying glass with a one hair brush. At the blue background other blue cat with the gold chain on the neck is depicted on the box. The cat has got very big green eyes, its hair is touched with silver paint and it looks beautifully. It seems the cat is ready to jump in a second! The side of the box is decorated with cat's footprints. After the final painting is done eight or more coats of lacquer are applied, each one having dried and being sanded smooth before the next one is applied. These boxes are truly a work of art. Painted in St.Petersburg, Russia. Signed by the famous Russian artist Yu.Belov. The box measures 3 x 3 x 1 1/2 inches.

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