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Kholui Ilya Myromets

Reference #nd657-05
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Ilya was the son of a peasant. He was a cripple from birth and could not walk. One day several men paid him a visit and said a prayer over him. After that Ilya was not only able to walk but became unbelievably strong. His old parents were very happy that their son was healed. In the smithy Ilya ordered a complete set of armor to be made and decided to go to Kiev. On the way he saved the city of Chernigov from a besieging Tatars army and won a victory over the evil highwayman of the Black Forest named Solovey. Ilya brought Solovey to the court of Prince Vladimir in Kiev, where the forest outlaw was executed. After that Ilya joined Prince Vladimir's court and became his greatest knight.

There are 5 figures of beautiful dolls in the nest. All of the girl are wearing in the traditional Russian clothes - sarafans (women's dress) and blouses richly decorated with embroidered patterns, headscarves on the heads which always were a real work of art and it was shown by artist. The artist has painted each face with extreme life-like detail and expression.

The dolls are painted with the traditional Kholui style.
The tallest one is
  • 7 1/4", the smallest - 1 3/4"

    Signed by the Russian artist!

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