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Exclusive SNOW QUEEN

Reference #nd428-05
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There are 5 figures of Snow Queen in the nest. The scenes from the famous Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale "Snow Queen" are depicted on the dolls.

The tallest doll is
  • 6 3/4 inches, the smallest - 1 3/4 inches

    In work the artists used tempera with egg emulsion and fine polecat brushes. Very calm and bright paints including gold are used. All the drawings of this item are made by the real artist so delicate and subtle, that as a whole the doll is just breathtaking! The colors are very bold and come from a diverse palette. The artist uses gold and aluminum paint to add detail and add light to the scene. This brings out the intricacy of the work and shows the skill, and steady hand, of the artist.

    This exceptional HAND PAINTED ART Nesting Doll was created out of birch wood in Russia. Bigger figure opens up to fit the smaller one inside it. It takes a lot of time to make these dolls. The tree was cut in spring, stripped of its bark leaving a few rings to prevent the wood from cracking when dried. The logs were dried and kept in the open for several years. The logs are then cut into smaller pieces. All the operations do not involve any measurement and rely on intuition and require great skill. After the turning work on a lathe is done the dolls are cleaned, primed with starchy glue to make its surface smooth, polished and now are ready for painting. After having been hand-painted they are dried for several days. The lacquer is not applied on these dolls.

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