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Pretty Girl w/ Fire bird

Reference #nd120-5
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There are 5 dolls in the nest. The girl is wearing traditional Russian clothes - sarafan and headscarf. She is holding Firebird in her hands. The Firebird is the main personage of one of the famouse Russian folk tale "Zhar-Ptitsa" or "Firebird".The tsar sets his tree sons to watch his orchard at night to discover who is stealing his golden apples. The elder brothers fail in their task by falling asleep, but young prince Ivan almost catches the culprit - the Fire-bird. It escapes, but not before he has plucked one of its feathers. The Tsar sends Ivan after it on horse back, and he eventually comes to a crossroads where he is presented with three choices: if he goes straight he will always be cold and hungry; if he goes right he will live but his horse will die; if he goes left he will die but his horse will live. He chooses the right-hand path, and his horse is immediately devoured by a Grey Wolf. The wolf, however, is enchanted, and offers for Ivan to ride on its back , since it knows where the Fire-bird is. It takes him to a walled garden owned by Tsar Afron, where the creature is kept in a golden cage. Ivan is warned by the Wolf to take the Bird and not the cage, but Ivan takes the cage as well, and triggers the alarm. Captured by Tsar Afron, he is told that to have the Fire-bird hew must pay for it with the Horse of the Golden Mane belonging to Tsar Kuzman. The Wolf carries Ivan to Kuzman's palace and tells him how to acquire the horse. Once again Ivan disobeys instructions and is captured by Kuzman, who says he will only give him the Horse in exchange for Princess Elena the Fair, residing with Tsar Dalman. This time the wolf does the work itself, seizes Elena, and brings her back to Ivan. The Prince falls in love with her, so the wolf offers to trick Kuzman by assuming Elena's shape, and by assuming the form of the horse tricks Afron too. Ivan returns, then, with Elena, the Horse and the Fire-bird, but as soon as the Wolf leaves him he is ambushed and killed by his brothers. The Wolf returns and revives him with the Water of Life and Death, the brothers are banished, and Ivan, Elena and Wolf live happily ever after.

The tallest one is
  • 7", the smallest - 1 1/2"

    Signed by the Russian artist!

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