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At the Pikes Command

Reference #nd350-07
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There are 7 figures of the dolls in the nest. On every doll scenes and characters from the popular Russian Folk Fairy Tale \"At the Pike\'s Command\" are depicted. Emile, the main personage of the tale, went to get water from the river and unexpectedly caught the magic speaking Pike. The Pike implored Emile to put her back in the river and promised to fulfill all that he could wish for. Emile did it. And whenever Emile said: \"At the Pike\'s command, as I demand !\", all his dreams came true. Finally, after many adventures, he wanted to be handsome and wished the King\'s daughter to be his wife. So, with the Pike\'s help he married Princess Mary and ruled the kingdom.
Very rich and bright paints including gold are used. All the drawings of this item are made by the real artist so delicate and subtle, that as a whole the doll is just breathtaking! The tallest one is 7 3/4 inches, the smallest - 1 1/4 inches.

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