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We are glad to present you the nesting doll fairy tale Legend of Firebird. Long ago in a faraway land, there was a tsar who had a magnificent orchard, second to none. However, every night a firebird would swoop down on the tsar's best apple tree and fly away with a few golden apples. The Tsar ordered each of his three sons to catch that firebird alive and bring it to him. The two elder brothers fell asleep while watching. The youngest son, Ivan, saw the firebird and grabbed it by the tail, but the bird managed to wriggle out of Ivan's grasp, leaving him only a bright red tail feather. The tsar then ordered his sons to find the firebird. Ivan, assisted by a grey wolf who killed his horse and then felt sorry for him, managed to get not only the firebird but also a wonderful horse and a princess named Elena the Fair. When they came to the border of Ivan's father's kingdom Ivan and Elena stopped to rest. While they were sleeping, Ivan's two older brothers, returning from their unsuccessful quest, came across the two and killed Ivan, threatening Elena to do the same to her if she told what had happened.Ivan lay dead for thirty days until the grey wolf revived him with water of death and water of life. Ivan came to his home palace at the wedding day of Elena the Fair and Ivan's brother. The tsar asked for an explanation and Elena told him the truth. The tsar was furious and threw the elder brothers into prison. Ivan and Elena the Fair married, inherited the kingdom, and lived happily ever after.

There are 7 figures of similar beautiful Russian girls with scenes from the fairy tale depicted on their clothes. The dolls have unusual shape.They are dressed in traditional Russian sarafans (woman's dress) and very beautiful headcrsves with golden foil on them. The tallest one is 8", the smallest - 1". Each dolls is richly decorated by round painting with the fragments from the fairytale. Very bright and attractive dolls!

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