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I just had to let you know how many wonderful compliments my husband has received on the beautiful chess set that I purchased for him. It is so unique and gorgeous! Thanks so much for helping me give him a gift that he truly cherishes.

August 09, 2002Nicole Hopeman

I really enjoy ordering items from you. I've been adding to my cobalt net dining service through you. You are very professional and send the items quickly. Plus your employees are thoughtful, kind and considerate, a real bonus in the business world.

July 15, 2002Denagh

I received the cobalt net tea pot today; it's beautiful! It was worth waiting for. Thank you very much! As ever, Margaret.

July 15, 2002Margaret Choenchom

I have order many items from this site and I have never been disappointed. Everything is beautiful and very reasonable. I just keep looking and wishing. Edie

June 19, 2002Edie

I have ordered many thing from you. Each and every one has surpassed my expectations! You have the best products, and have a wonderful and personal way of communicating & taking care of your customers. If I ever win the Lottery....heaven help me, it'll all go to you! Thank You so Much for Everything.

June 13, 2002Kendra

I thank for the very beautiful Russians Porcelain Dolls, the fast delivery and the very, very kind contacts I can like very much to say my best recommendation here. Yours sincerely Marianne

June 09, 2002Marianne Skonietzni

I just received my book, Russian Fairy Tales. I enjoyed the fast delivery, STAMPS, the way it is packaged (very safe), and the item is great! Very nice book. Thank you again, Nickolai-Gurgeiff!

May 25, 2002Margaret Choenchom

I would like to see Lomonosov figurines from GOGOL novels. All the best Bonnenberg

May 22, 2002Heinrich Bonnenberg

I just received the Christmas nesting doll (they're beautiful!) and the Elena Filippova Russian Matrjoshka Book. They're both great! I was especially pleased to get actual Russian STAMPS on the book package! (My son and I also collect stamps) Thank you!

May 18, 2002Margaret Choenchom

Just received the two hunting knives today. They are very finely detailed, well made knives. The scabbards are especially well constructed and very robust. Thank you so much for the excellent products and service.

April 22, 2002Larry Parksp

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