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Wine Table Set Khokhlama lacquer woodenware takes its name from a large town on the banks of the Volga River. It was there that 17th century craftspeople, living in the villages surrounding Khoklama, would bring their distinctive, hand-painted lacquer bowls, cups and plates to sell. Merchants from larger cities, who were always on the lookout for a bargain, would purchase the unique black, red and gold trimmed products and resell them at fairs and to buyers from abroad.

Khoklama is known for its stylized, red and gold paintings of flowers, fruit and leaves set against a jet-black background with fiery red trim. This unique combination of colors and styles is what sets Khoklama apart from other woodenware and makes it immediately recognizable. In addition, Khoklama products are waterproof, heat resistant and unaffected by the acids found in food, making them practical as well as beautiful.

Chest The distinctive gold color found in Khoklama products was originally obtained by combining powdered tin with lacquer. For a long time, the high cost of tin, which had to be imported, limited the production of Khoklama to those who could afford the metal. Eventually, when the war in the north was settled and other sources opened up, tin became more readily available. This resulted in an almost immediate increase in the number of craftspeople engaged in the production of Khoklama and sales rose dramatically.

Wine Set The 18th and 19th centuries were times of innovation and continued growth for the Khoklama industry. Craftspeople discovered that gilding and covering the entire surface of their products with stylized designs increased their appeal. The market for Khoklama grew until it extended far beyond the borders of Russia to England, Japan, Canada, France and Germany where many of the products received awards and honors.

Finally, in 1931, the joint stock company known as "Khokhlomskaya Rospis" was formed. Its sole purpose was to produce, sell and educate the public about Khoklama products. Today, Khokhlomskaya Rospis employs more than 1500 Khoklama artists and word continues to spread about this truly unique and practical art form.

Cookie Jar Drinking Set Cold Drinks Set
Cookie Jar Drinking Set Cold Drinks Set
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