Victoria Shevchenko

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Victoria Shevchenko I was born in Cherkasy, Ukraine in 1965. From the time of my childhood I was interested in art and attended the Art School for children in Cerkassy. At the age of 15 I entered the Republican Art School in Kiev where I learned drawing, painting and composition. Wanting more I went to Moscow to continue my education with many teachers who were famous artists.

My meetings with painters of lacquer miniature was important in my life. I admired their work and wanted to learn from their experience. To do so I visited Mstora, a famous Russian center of lacquer miniature.My miniature paintings were successful. In 1992 I returned to my native city where I continued to paint original pieces and reproductions of many famous paintings. In 1993-5 I taught painting in the High Professional Art School in Cherkassy. Now I am warking at my paintings and directing a group of painters. My works are in collections in many different countries.

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