Vladimir Molodkin

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Vladimir Molodkin Molodkin Vladimir Nikolaevich was born in 1945 in Armenovo of the Vladimir region.

In 1965, he finished the Mstera School of lacquer Miniature Painting. Molodkin's teachers were the profound Mstera artists Nilay Naumov and Igor Udin. His thesis work was entitled "Mister Novgorod the Great".

Because the artist has a unique an elaborated style of painting, his talents were noticed early on. By the time he finished at the Mstera School, Vladimir has been a master "Tvorcheskiy" artist.

At present Molodkin works at the factory "Proletarian Art", at the Mstera branch of the Union of Artists and besides he works as a teacher at the Mstera Art and Industrial School.

Molodkin is a member of the USSR Union of Artists since 1977. In 1997 the artist was awarded to a medal "In Memory of 850 years of Moscow".

Winter Fairy Tale He began participating in art exhibitions in 1966.

Molodkin's works are exhibited at the All-Russia Museum of Decorative and Folk Arts in Moscow ("Iliya Muromets") and at the Russian Museum ("Messenger", "Battle in the sky", "My grandfathers").

The artist prefers to work on historical themes especially he likes to depict pre-Christian pagan Russia. Besides he has deep understanding of icon painting.

Creative work of such famous artists as Nikolay Rerikh and Peter Bragel influenced Molodkin's manner of painting.

Vladimir pays a great attention to the role of symbol in his work.

Beginning a new painting he tries to express the theme by means of composition, color treatment and drawing. Molodkin considers the work to be finished when all his artistic ideas and aims are realized.

His spare time Molodkin prefers to spend with his family. He likes nature and reading.

The painter wishes to his admires: "try to understand the inner life of my paintings and be my co-author. The Art of lacquer miniature is a kind art and any kind of art may unite people".

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